Why live in Windsor?

Windsor, Ontario is a beautiful waterfront city, there are a lot of benefits that come along with living here. Other than being surrounded by the nicest bodies of water like Lake St Clair, Lake Erie and the Detroit River, there is so much more to this small city. 


Windsor’s housing market is constantly growing. Neighbourhoods are filled with beautiful houses, both old and new. The cost of living in Windsor is three times more affordable compared to Toronto. On top of that, neighbourhoods are safe, family friendly and are protected by a two great municipal police forces (Windsor Police & Ontario Provincial Police). Windsor and its surrounding towns sit comfortably on the top 10 safest places to live in Canada.  


If you’re a student looking to get an education, look no further! Windsor is home to 2 amazing post secondary schools: the University of Windsor and St.Clair College, so relocation is not necessary. 


Windsor is located in a sun belt, so during the months of April to October there are tons of outdoor events and activities around the city! Windsor has extensive walking trails, libraries, and many parks - including waterfront, so there is always something to do! In addition, this nice weather also means Windsorites get the freshest food during these months! 


Due to the diversity of this region, finding a restaurant that serves what you’re craving is easy. Windsor is known for their good food. It has many locally owned restaurants that represent all of the cultures that have made this place their home. Italian, Mexican, African, Thai, Indian, Asian, Vietnamese, and Caribbean food is all accessible here. Fun fact: Windsor has the best pizza in all of Canada! It is very surprising that such a small city can have such great quality pizza. Check out this article about Windsor’s pizza: https://dailyhive.com/toronto/toronto-windsor-pizza-2016